Established in 1960 by Knight Giuseppe Pietta, F.A.P. F.lli Pietta started his path in the world of guns manufacturers with the production of hunting guns in the variation of side by side and over & under. Following the big demand from the United States, Knight Giuseppe Pietta turned his production to the arms replicas of the American Civil War.

In 1964 F.A.P. F.lli Pietta started to grow and during the following years made a reputation and acquired his place in a very difficult market : the one of the historical replicas. The 1851 Navy model was the first in demand. Shortly other models were added, like the 1860 Army, the 1858 New Model Army, the LeMat and so on.


In 2002 F.A.P. F.lli Pietta decided to enrich his already wide range of Old West replicas with the most famous revolver well known to date : the 1873 Single Action Pietta Model. A lot of work was involved at human level for the design of this gun that was introduced to the US market and to the Cowboy Action Shooting shooters in September 2002.


During the first SASS® (Single Action Shooting Society®) Convention held in December at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, this gun, designed and wanted by the F.A.P. F.lli Pietta, achieved with just 3 months production the confidence of his most devoted customers. The trust in this new product lead to the award as best gun of 2002.

Prized for the reliability of the selected material, the care given to each single part and to its production, this 1873 S.A. revolver Pietta model, adds prestige to the current line of guns that F.A.P. F.lli Pietta produce long since.